Bra Maid Kit

Let your Bra Maid wash your delicates for you!

Life is busy enough- Who has time to hand wash?

Tired of having bras crushed, twisted, tangled and even ruined in the washing machine?

The Bra Maid protects all of your delicates throughout the entire wash cycle. Your bra is safe inside and retains its shape, comfort and support.

Going on vacation? Keep your bras from getting crushed in your suitcase & use BRA MAID as a bonus travel item.

Spend less time doing laundry and trust the BRA MAID to care for your delicates with a hand-washed result.

Prevent added costs of replacing damaged lingerie by protecting your favorite bras and panties.

The Complete Bra Maid Kit

Bra Maid Ball, exclusive floating scrubbing ball to gently clean bra cups from the inside and BRA MAID laundry bag.

Bra Maid Material: Polypropylene resin
Lingerie Bag Materal: 100% Polyester
Float-ball Materal: Rubber

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