How It Works

Features & Benefits

• While throwing bras into the wash will result in twisting, deforming, puncturing, underwire damage, pilling, scratching, tangling and more, bras are protected throughout the entire wash cycle safe inside the BRA MAID maintaining shape, comfort and support.

• Unlike other similar products on the market, the innovative BRA MAID additionally features a unique Scrubbing Ball specifically designed to clean bra cups from the inside. The Scrubbing Ball creates friction during the wash cycle to not only thoroughly clean bras, but aid in dissolving detergent as well.

• Lose one too many socks in the wash? With your underwear, hosiery, socks, swim and other delicates safely enclosed inside the BRA MAID Bag, you never have to worry about losing another sock or pair of underwear in the washing machine again. And say good-bye to pulling out stretched, twisted hosiery and snagged bathing suits!

• Going on vacation? Don’t stuff your bras into the bottom of your suitcase where they will inevitably be crushed. Tuck safely into the BRA MAID for a smart, convenient storage and travel item, and arrive at your destination with your bras still in tact. And – never worry about pesky security going through your unmentionables again!

• The BRA MAID complete laundry solution set lets you save valuable time by using the washing machine, yielding a delicate, hand-wash result.

How To Use the BraMaid?

To Wash:

1. Simply unhook the clasp on the BRA MAID ball to open.

2. Clasp your bra band together in front of your cups, leaving the back (or inside) of the cups exposed.

3. Place your bra into the BRA MAID Ball upside down, one cup in each side, so the inside of your cups are facing up.

4. Insert the Scrubbing Ball, then close and securely fasten.

5. For underwear, hosiery and socks, simply place into the BRA MAID Bag and zip close.

6. Pop the BRA MAID Ball and Bag into the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. And don’t worry. The BRA MAID Ball has undergone extensive research & development to be sure the product is 100% safe in your washing machine. It will not cause damage to your machine or your clothes. And, because the Ball has closures in addition to a backup clasp, it will not pop open mid-cycle. Only you have the ability to open and close.

For best results, put only 1 bra in the BRA MAID Ball at a time. However, you may wash multiple BRA MAIDs in each load.


To Dry:

While the BRA MAID Bag is dryer-safe, never put the BRA MAID Ball into the dryer – be sure to hang the product and your bras to dry.

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